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A Tale Of Two Cities
Directed by: Jack Conway
Metro Goldwyn Mayer, 1935

This film is one of my top ten films of all time. Please see my listing at this address:

This classic story by Charles Dickens which takes place during the French Revolution is, by far, the best adaptation of his novel. It stars Ronald Colman in his best performance (in my opinion) who is the very essence of Sydney Carton and includes great character actors like Edna May Oliver and Basil Rathbone. Being done at early sound MGM, its sets are very colorful and the characters are full of life. It captures the essence of Dicken's novel superbly and its the kind of film I love to watch when its snowing outside.

The cast includes:

  • Ronald Colman .... Sydney Carton
  • Elizabeth Allan .... Lucie Manette
  • Edna May Oliver .... Miss Pross
  • Reginald Owen .... C.J. Stryver
  • Basil Rathbone .... Marquis St. Evremonde
  • Blanche Yurka .... Madame Defarge
  • Henry B. Walthall .... Dr. Manette
  • Donald Woods (I) .... Charles Darnay
  • Walter Catlett .... Barsad
  • Fritz Leiber (I) .... Gaspard
  • H.B. Warner .... Gabelle
  • Mitchell Lewis .... Ernest Defarge
  • Claude Gillingwater .... Jarvis Lorry Jr.
  • Billy Bevan .... Jerry Cruncher
  • Isabel Jewell .... Seamstress
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Listen to Colman as Sydney Carton saying the last lines from this Dicken's classic just before climbing the steps to the guillotine by clicking on the musical note.

Listen to streaming audio on the Lux Radio Theater Presentation of A Tale of Two Cities starring Ronald Colman as Sydney Carton.

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